Joe Pro Resumes is part of the Joe Produce family of companies.

We started Joe Pro Resumes in 2013 because we were continually seeing great candidates with “not-so-great” resumes.  It’s pretty difficult to grab the attention of an employer with a poor resume. Your resume is often the first impression with an employer. It needs to be engaging, clear, concise, error-free and easy to read. That’s where we come in!

Our team is comprised of writers, editors, job marketers, industry-specific professionals, and recruiters. Together, we collaborate to create resumes that enable candidates to market themselves in a proactive manner highlighting their accomplishments, skills and experience relevant to the industry and positions they are seeking.

Like most things worthwhile, writing great resumes is not easy, and we have worked at it for several years to find the perfect formula. We understand that the main purpose of your resume is to get you noticed, and ultimately to get you an interview. Your resume is the physical representation of your career history mixed with a strategy and marketing plan. You have one chance to make a first impression… Make it great!

We look forward to serving you!


Rex Lawrence