Your resume is your personal marketing tool, so DON’T create a resume that reads like a legal HR department job document.

There’s nothing worse than a resume that looks or reads like a technical job description written by your HR department. Our advice to job seekers who are writing their own resumes is this: Don’t copy all of the items from your company job description onto your resume! It will be obvious to the reader and it will not market your unique skills.

An employer needs to see how and why you stand out from other candidates, and they want to see your unique achievements and accomplishments.

DO include how and why you succeeded in your past jobs, and how you accomplished your professional goals.

DON’T list your generic responsibilities with no context, and don’t simply list your daily tasks. Instead, add quantitative or measurable data and don’t be shy about bragging if you accomplished great things! You’ll be surprised what a difference this can make.

5 Items to remove from your resume right now:

Street Address

Most of us don’t think twice about putting our address on our online resume for the entire world to see. However, search engines provide powerful tools for employers, and those tools can directly affect salary offers. If an employer can find your residence details online, they can also make assumptions regarding your economic situation.

Career Objective

Although an Objective was once a standard element, it is no longer necessary or expected on a resume. If you are applying for a job with your resume, it’s already obvious that your objective is to secure that job. Wasting a few lines of space at the top of your document explaining this redundancy is completely unnecessary.

Inappropriate Email Address

Inappropriate or shared email addresses (e.g. or are generally considered to be very unprofessional. Most email providers provide free accounts; consider creating a username that only contains your first and/or last name.

“References available upon request”

Although references can play a crucial role in the hiring decision-making process, this information does not belong on your resume. Rather, create a separate document for potential employers and have it ready and up-to-date if asked.

Hobbies and Interests

Exceptions may be interests that show desirable attributes, such as completing a marathon or volunteering at the SPCA. Be careful though, try to avoid political and religious issues, etc.